Why You Should Support Women’s Brain Health Day

Did you know that almost 70% of those with Alzheimer’s disease are women? That’s not all…

Did You Know…

  • Almost 70% of those with Alzheimer’s disease are women.
  • Women with early memory changes decline about twice as fast as men and end up worse off, too.
  • Stroke disproportionately affects women: more women die of stroke, women have worse outcomes after stroke, more women are living with the effects of stroke, and women face more challenges as they recover.
  • Women suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety twice as much as men.
  • Women take longer to recover from concussions and have more severe symptoms than men.
  • Four times as many women have multiple sclerosis as men, and more and more women are developing it.

Despite these alarming statistics, the vast majority of research into these disorders focuses on men.

Women’s Brain Health Initiative (WBHI), a Charitable Foundation established in 2012, is the largest resource for evidence-informed information specific to women’s brain health. It is a significant force in raising critical awareness of the unacceptable discrepancies in brain research on afflictions that present in women in frightening proportions.

WBHI’s research, education, and awareness programs are essential to improving the brain health and mental wellness of women, caregivers, and their families, as well as catalyzing the urgency that must drive funds toward research to combat brain aging diseases that disproportionately affect women.

Care to join us?

You Can Help

The Women’s Brain Health Day event aims to increase awareness and donations that allow WBHI to reach more – and teach more – giving you the opportunity to share how you are standing up against research bias and standing ahead for women’s brain health, and support the vital work that we do.