Stand Ahead® Challenges

Each year, to mark Women’s Brain Health Day, we launch a new Stand Ahead Challenge, a brain- stimulating activity to promote brain health.

The Stand Ahead
Thumbs Up Challenge

The Thumbs Up Challenge requires participants to put their left thumb up and point to it with their right index finger, then switch 10 times.

The Stand Ahead
Conductor Challenge

The Conductor Challenge requires participants to draw an imaginary vertical line (a 1-2 count) with one hand while you draw an imaginary triangle (a 1-2-3 count) with the other at the same time.

The Stand Ahead
Other Hand Challenge

The Other Hand Challenge requires participants to write their name on a sheet of paper with each hand and show the comparison.

The Stand Ahead
Memory Challenge

The Memory Challenge requires paricipants to shuffle a deck of cards, then select 7 cards at random face down, turn the 7 cards face up and examine them for 10 seconds, turn the 7 cards face down and recall out loud as many as they can.

The Stand Ahead
Headstand Challenge

The Stand Ahead Headstand Challenge requires participants to take a stand for the women in their lives, stand up against research bias, and stand ahead for women’s brain health by doing a headstand.